Volvo ABS ECU Repair and exchange service

  • Three years warranty on Volvo ABS Electronic Control Unit repairs
  • Many Volvo ABS modules are on stock
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Volvo Models

Volvo S60, S70, S80

Compatible years span from 1998-2006 >> More info.

Volvo C70

Compatible years span from 1998-2004 >> More info.

Volvo V70

Compatible years span from 1998-2001 >> More info.

Other Volvo Models

We repair other parts for many Volvo models >> More Info.

How it works

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is an important component of a car's electrical system. Naturally it is installed in many Volvo models too, which are famous to be among the most safest vehicles. When installed, then even the inexperienced drivers can avoid accidents and dangerous situations on the road.

The ABS is responsible to keep the car straight and make it stop on the possible shortest way in case of sudden braking. The basic goal is to avoid locking all or any wheel during braking, since this tremendously would increase the braking distance and make the car uncontrollable. Drivers can not control brake pressure in case of emergency, they can not think logically so they just hit it to the maximum. This is the time when the brain of the whole operation, the ABS control module steps in. It continuously receives individual wheel and car speed related information from sensors and if it sees that one or more wheels are getting close to lock up and make the car unstable than it releases the brake pressure on those by opening and closing hydraulic valves.

The driver can hear and feel some buzzing noise and shaking during this process and dotted rubber marks can be visible on the dry road behind. Depending on the available options, during driving the same ABS control module can be responsible for slip and stability control too. Even on a straight road during rainy or icy weather one side of the car can run on a slippery area that would immediately make the car uncontrollable spin. The ABS control system makes the necessary adjustments and slows the over-spinning wheels back to the normal driving speed.

If your ABS control module is faulty you can remove it and send it to us for repair. The car is usually drivable without the control module since the basic brake system's hydraulic parts are separated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Volvo ABS Control Unit Part Numbers do you service?

These are the most frequently serviced units' Part Numbers: 8602265, 8602266, 8619538, 8619544, 8619545, 8622093, 8622097, 8671224, 8671457, 9140773, 9140774, 9162675, 9467582, 9472088, 9472095, 9472100, 9472401, 9472650, 9472866, 9472969, 9472971, 9496440, 9496450, 9496942, 9496946, 9619535, 9619538, 30643982.

How much does it cost?

It does not have to be expensive to get you back on the road if your ABS ECU fails. Our Volvo ABS repair is reasonably priced and includes our friendly techical support.

Do you offer warranty on Volvo ABS repairs?

Yes! All of our repairs come with our Warranty. We take pride in the work of our technicians and we are confident that you will be satisfied once you get your Volvo ABS ECU module back from us. In the unlikely event of another malfunction, you can count on our reputation and expertise to assist you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Just as well as we cover the USA market, we are capable of serving the needs of International customers. Please contact us below with your location and we'll provide you a quotation to fix your Volvo ABS.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes! Please contact us with your questions in regards of your Volvo ABS and one of our skilled technician will provide you with information you'll need to send your module back to us.

More questions?

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Story behind ABS Volvo

For more than 20 years ProgRama has been the industry leader in re-manufacturing of European electronic control units for the automotive aftermarket.

ABS Volvo is part of ProgRama and specializes in repairing Volvo ABS control units. Our Research Department is continuously working on adding new Volvo models to our existing line.

We repair the Volvo ABS control units in our Boca Raton, Florida facility. Our confidence in our work is allowing us to offer an exceptional 3 years warranty.

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